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Searchlight Promotion Services

Searchlight promotionsSearchlights Are a Powerful Promotional Tool
More than just a shining light on your special event, Searchlights attract attention! People always wonder what the event is when they see the light in the sky and will often follow the beam to the event.

A Little of Hollywood's Glamour
Where would Hollywood be without searchlights... as they attract attention, providing the awe and glamour of a truly special event. When people see searchlights they know something big is happening. Our searchlights are available for promotional events in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas (including Vancouver Island). 

Searchlights Are:
- Transported to and from your site in the BC Lower Mainland at no extra charge.
- Completely self-contained with their own power generator on truck or trailer.
- Experienced operators are included with the promotional service.
- Visible for more than 20 miles (depending on atmospheric conditions).
- Proven effective in advertising for over 60 years.
- Surprisingly inexpensive with special discounts for additional days or for two or more lights.
- GE & Sperry carbon arc searchlights capable of generating a 60 inch wide beam of 800 Million Foot Candles.

Truck mounted searchlightsYour advertising / promotional dollars go a long way when you connect our searchlights with your radio or newspaper advertising when they comment
"Just follow the light in the sky!"

Searchlight Promotions are perfect for:

Grand Openings
Special Attractions
Sales Campaigns
New Product Introductions
Entertainment Events
Theatre Openings
Fundraising Drives
Sports Events
Anniversary Celebrations

For further information and price quotes give us a call
at 604-435-6134

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Searchlight lighting up Vancouver skyline

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