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Galarie Productions Inc.

Film, Video, Television
With roots in technical production including special effects, lighting, and props, Galarie Productions has a reputation for quality work in all the video, film and television projects and tasks we take on.

Industry Outlook

The film industry in Canada (particularly British Columbia) continues to be strong in a climate of a growing economy. We have many sought after professional film and TV crews. Numerous Hollywood feature films, made for television features (MOW's) and television series have been filmed in recent years completely in British Columbia. This has fostered the development of labs, equipment services and access to industry professionals that was unheard of in Western Canada 20 years ago. This has allowed indigenous Canadian productions to achieve international production values at modest budgets.

Searchlight Promotions

Galarie Productions Inc. is Vancouver's only source for real searchlight promotions. We use the brightest commercial searchlights in the world, 800 Million foot-candles! These carbon arc searchlights can be seen from well over 30 kilometres (20 miles) away!

Announce your next special event and make it a truly memorable one with one or more of our searchlights!

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